Julieta | The most comfortable heels ever.
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2020 Fashion Trends | Julieta | The most comfortable heels ever.

2020 Fashion Trends We’re Excited About

It's officially a new decade, and with that comes new fashion trends! As the old adage says, everything old is made new again. Some of these 2020 fashion trends may surprise you (or not). 2020 Fashion Trends Updated Cardigans Cardigans have moved from wardrobe staple to fashion accessory. This cozy piece is truly versatile. Find yourself a cropped, shrunken-style cardigan and wear it as a shirt or like a typical cardigan. Pair with jeans and boots for a...

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Julieta | The most comfortable heels ever.

Anatomy of High Heels

The history of the high heel goes back centuries. Through the years high heels have transformed in many ways but the basic components have remained. Below are a few fun facts about the parts that make up a high heel. Toe box:​ You guessed it, it’s the place where you put your toes. You do not want your toes scrunched in the toe box—you want them to do a little bit of wiggling. Toe boxes can...

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High Heels | Julieta | The most comfortable heels ever.

A History of High Heels

What would you say if I told you high heels were originally made for men? Traced way back to the 10th century, the history of the high heel originated with soldiers and cavalry. In the 15th century, high heels were hand designed for Persian soldiers to help secure their feet in stirrups while they rode horseback. This shoe is now what we know as the cowboy boot. High heels became a status symbol during the 17th...

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Five Podcasts for Career-Minded Women | Julieta | The most comfortable heels you'll ever wear.

Five Podcasts for Career-Minded Women

How I Built This This NPR podcast, hosted by Guy Raz, interviews innovators, entrepreneurs and idealists to uncover and discuss the movements they built. Raz interviews pertinent and engaging entrepreneurs from a diverse background of industries like the founders of LARABAR, Headspace, Stitch Fix, and Yelp. Episodes of How I Built This are narrative in style and typically 40 minutes to an hour in length. So Money Founder of So Money, Farnoosh Torabi aims to “create a safe...

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Ladies at the bar of Martina restaurant | Julieta | The most comfortable heels ever.

Holiday Stress: Unpacked

As the holiday season approaches and the year comes to an end, we are confronted with a growing list of festive tasks and duties: entertaining, cooking, cleaning, shopping, traveling, and visiting to name a few. While all of these things are enjoyable, they can often bring stress and anxiety. With family in town and ever-hectic schedules, routine and order seem to fall by the wayside. In an attempt to mediate some of this chaos, I...

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A stylish woman standing on cobblestone street | Julieta | The most comfortable heels ever.

Balancing Ambition and Anxiety

Ambition is the drive to excel, reach new heights, and complete goals. It is a positive thing and paramount to personal success, and to the economy. But of course, you know this because you're smart and successful already. Sometimes, though, do you find yourself in such an intense pursuit that when you take a second to slow down and pick your head up, you end up asking: why? Why am I doing this? Does this...

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Three ladies enjoying a drink together. | Julieta | The most comfortable heels ever.

A Night Out for a Stay-at-Home Mom

Messy buns and sweatpants. Cold coffee and dry shampoo. Loads of laundry and infinite dirty dishes. Stay-at-home-mom life is chaotic, fun and exhausting. Don’t get me wrong—I wouldn’t change it for the world, but mom life is hard work! Going from working as a nurse in a hospital to staying at home with my independent little man was definitely an adjustment. I love our busy, unpredictable days but sometimes I crave an evening out. I quickly...

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Fernando Peña, orthopedic surgeon, co-founder and president of Julieta. | Julieta | The most comfortable heels ever.

Why We Started Julieta

by Fernando Peña, President of Julieta I have practiced orthopedic surgery for 19 years and specialize in foot and ankle pathology. I have helped a large number of patients to eliminate pain from their feet, improve their gait and quality of life. But believe it or not, after all those years, I did not have a clue that when women wear most heels, they are in pain! It was not until I married my wife, Julie, that...

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Woman standing in front of a vintage car with a suitcase | Packing Tips for Travel | Julieta | The most comfortable heels ever.

Packing Tips for Travel

Dear fellow travel enthusiasts! This January I’ll be moving to Madrid for a semester abroad and let’s just say I’m most concerned about how I’ll fit all my clothes and shoes into a few bags meant to last me for months. Packing can be both stressful and a fun challenge. My hope is that these packing tips for travel will help mitigate anxiety around the packing process, give you flexibility and simplify your decision-making. Packing Tips for...

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A woman standing in a restaurant in red Julieta heels. | The most comfortable heels ever.

Why I Choose to Wear Julieta Heels

I'm on my feet. A lot. And I need to look professional. A good part of my day is generally spent behind a computer. Well, to be more accurate, it's spent behind a computer mounted to a standing desk. While this is great for productivity and for my shoulders, it can be painful for my feet. (I have no doubt you can empathize.)  My day also requires running to appointments. Have you ever planned a conference luncheon...

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